The right JetCard.

Endeavor locates the right JetCard for you, we can also customize one specific for your needs.

We offer multiple options. 10 hrs, 25 hrs and 50 hrs increments to meet your needs on any aircraft or category.

Turbo Prop & Light Jet Aircraft

Ideal for short flights under 3 hours
of travel.
4 to 8 passengers
Cabin size
Length: 13' to 15'
Width: 4' to 4.7'
Height: 4'3 to 4.9'
Luggage capacity: 35 to 65 cf
Avg range: 2.5 to 3 hrs
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Mid & Super Mid Size Jet Aircraft

Ideal for trips ranging from 3 to 5 hours of travel.
6 to 9 passengers
Cabin size
Length: 16' to 26'
Width: 5' to 7.1'
Height: 5'7 to 6'
Luggage capacity: 40 to 134 cf
Avg range: 4 to 6.5 hrs
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Heavy and ULR Jets Aircraft

Large groups or international travel to
accommodate long haul flights
9 to 18 passengers
Cabin size
Length: 28' to 50'
Width: 7 to 8.1'
Height: 6 to 6.2'
Luggage capacity: 105 to 240cf
Avg range: 7 to 13 hrs
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No deposit needed to setup a jetcard.

Worldwide operations, so no limitation on where you are located.

Newest available aircraft for each flight.

All Aircraft maintain a third party safety rating from either ARGUS or WYVERN.

Need a Jet Card. Let Endeavor locate the right jet card for your travel needs. Not every card is the right card.