Aircraft Categories.

All aircraft recommended maintain an ARGUS or Wyvern safety rating, to ensure the highest level of quality.

No matter the size of the group or your preference, we have the right aircraft for your trip. To make certain that only the highest level of quality is offered.  All aircraft presented are manufactured within the past 20 years

Turbo Props

Flights under 2 hours or short runways

King Air 90
King Air 200
King Air 350
Pilatus PC-12

Cabin size:
L: 10 - 15' W: 4.5' H: 5'  
Luggage: 40-80CF

Very Light Jets

Perfect for short hops
Citation Mustang
Citation M2
Honda Jet
Phenom 100

Cabin size:
L: 10 - 15' W: 4.5' H: 4.5'  
Luggage: 40-50CF

Light Jets

Few passengers for 2 hour flight

Citation CJ2/CJ3/CJ4
Citation Encore
Citation Bravo
Hawker 400XP
LearJet 40

Cabin size:
L: 13 - 18' W: 4.5' H: 4.9'  
Luggage: 40-72CF

Midsize Jets

Roomy for 4 to 6 passengers

Citation XLS
Gulfstream G150
Hawker 800XP/850XP/900XP
LearJet 45
LearJet 60

Cabin size:
L: 17-21' W: 5.7-6' H: 5.9'  
Luggage: 40-72CF

Super Mid Jets

Coast to Coast capability for 8 passengers
Challenger 300/350
Citation X
Citation Sovereign
Falcon 50EX
Gulfstream G200 / 280
Legacy 450 / 500

Cabin size:
L: 23-28' W: 6.9-7.8' H: 6'  
Luggage: 72-134CF

Heavy Jets

Great for groups up to 13

Challenger 604 / 605 / 650
Falcon 2000
Falcon 900
Gulfstream GIVSP / G450
Legacy 600 / 650

Cabin size:
L: 28-45' W: 7-8.5' H: 6.2'  
Luggage: 105-240CF

Long Range

Ideal for Transcon flights

Falcon 7X / 8X
Global 6000 / 7000
Gulfstream G550 / G650

Cabin size:
L: 44-52' W: 7.5-8.8' H: 6.2'  
Luggage: 195-224CF

VIP Airliners

Ultimate palace in the air

BBJ 737
BBJ 757
BBJ 767
BBJ 787

Cabin size:
L: 98-' W: 11-19' H: 6.5'  

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